Building Brighter Financial Futures

At Briteside Solutions we have a heartfelt commitment to make everyone a financial expert through empowering education, practical benefits and consumer protection.

Experiencing Financial Hardship Can Be Stressful.

At Briteside Solutions we feel that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. We work with our clients to identify debt collection harassment. All of our clients receive education on their rights, primarily focusing on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and many individual state statutes as well. We are not a law firm, but we have a nationwide third party referral network to help our clients.

Knowledge is Power

Financial literacy is a crisis in the US. In fact, deficits in financial literacy cost Americans $415 Billion in 2020. Because we are in this together, our Certified Financial Educators have spent collectively over 100,000 hours growing the financial knowledgebase of our clients. We value support, give encouragement emotionally, intellectually and practically to promote success with the goal of providing value to help change behaviors, and actions, that will allow our community to prosper.

You're in Good Hands

Our benefits are robust and close the gap on any risks that are carried by being in financial hardship. Briteside helps clients create a realistic budget, track spending, and finds new creative ways to cut spending without affecting quality of life. From discount programs, partnerships with non-profits, a referral program for legal plans, credit monitoring, and much more, we have you covered for any situation you come across.

Financial Restoration

Briteside Solutions offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to help people that are experiencing financial hardship; designed to help consumers assert their legal rights with an emphasis on ongoing personalized financial education.

Financial Education

Our Certified Financial Educators design a personalized plan with practical guidance on budgeting, spending tracking, and establishing an emergency savings fund. The goal is to learn to live off of cash instead of relying on credit which can be costly.

Consumer Rights Education

Many, if not most debt collectors are not collecting the debt pursuant to the law and otherwise violate consumer rights along the way. This process holds them accountable to do it within the framework of the law instead of using unfair and deceptive practices to scare and intimidate consumers that are not educated about their rights.

Credit Education

We help establish and setup a roadmap for long term financial goals. Although we do not do credit repair, our clients usually want to have better credit to make large purchases in the future, so we provide credit education, credit monitoring and identity theft protection.


Financial hardship should be a one way street. We provide expert advice on how to avoid the trap of high interest debt once and for all. So that you can focus on retirement and savings and have stability and security to face life’s financial challenges head on. We are always one call away, even after graduation we will continue to support our clients, be accountable, with a visionary approach and strive for excellence.


Baldamar G. Reviewed Briteside Solutions

Just want to share my experiences with my account manager. You have a very good man on your staff. He has sure taken a load off my shoulders by helping me with my finances. And goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, assist you and explain to you everything he does and what to expect.

If there is something I don’t understand, he is a phone call away, to help me. When he calls me on our phone visits, he is a very caring person. It’s not only about our business, but he asks about our family and the issues we are having. We couldn’t have asked for a better person and friend to help me.

Thank you for having such a good man in your company. You need more like him. I am blessed to have him on my side. And thank you Briteside for being a good company to help people with their finances.

Thank you again.

Paula M. Reviewed Briteside Solutions

I would like to share an experience I have had with Briteside Solutions. This Company has made it possible for me be to get rid of so much stress, sleepless nights, and to for once in a very long time have money in my savings account. Briteside Solutions is a life saver. A great Company that is so professional and will leave no stone unturned in order for you to get your life back in order and on track. I was swimming in credit card debt and had no idea what I was going to do. I decided to give them a call. I was so nervous calling but I am so glad I did. They explained what they could do to help me, what the law was and how they would guide me in every way to get my life back in order. They were not pushy and gave me time to absorb everything. The next day I called and said “let’s do it.” I had never done anything like this and was scared and nervous. I was given my own Account Manager, Art Gandora. He’s GREAT. !!! I was no longer scared. We talk every couple of weeks and I can always call him with any questions. I have been with the Company since February 2022. I am 69 years old, on Social Security and have health problems. I now have a smile on my face and less stress thanks to Art and Briteside Solutions. Sincerely, Paula Manley Colorado Springs Colorado
Connie I. Reviewed Briteside Solutions

A few words on my journey with Britesidesolutions has been wonderful, I was little iffy at first, *** is my consultant and he made me feel right at home, always answers all my questions I couldn’t ask for a better person to represent me through this journey, he makes me feel very positive on everything to go great, I’m so glad I took the leap with Britesidesolutions.

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